Our Story

Like all stories, ours starts with two babies !
Born to the founding partner’s, Rati and Gunia respectively in the year 2012.
That first love, that all consuming feeling for your baby, to protect nurture and simply provide the best is what sparked Baby Jalebi.
Our first product, the bed in a bag was painstakingly hand stitched by us, after several months of trial and error.
We wanted to get it just perfect, it had to be first and foremost safe for the baby. Not rolling over the baby was priority#1 as a new parent & ofcourse the bed in a bag had to be comfortable & as adorable as the baby, that's where our whimsical prints came in.
It soon became a parent essential for our first and most important clients, our own babies.
We immediately knew we had created something very special and were ready to take it to the world.
The huge success of this first innovative product gave our small company the confidence to dive into a very new, untapped and rather, up until then, boring market of run of the mill baby products.
As we met more parents through the MANY exhibitions we did in the early days, we understood that the new Indian parent was no longer happy with old international products, hand me downs and the odd item that someone got from overseas from a few staple brands.
They wanted something different and unique, something that was modern, lifestyle friendly and fit in with their own personalities.
Baby Jalebi, started with 1 tailor, a lady to help iron and pack the products and a bag full of ideas and dreams !
Today,the Baby Jalebi family has grown to over fifty permanent staff members, most of whom are women and mothers themselves and continue to grow month to month with the support of our customers.
We make smart parenting products that help parents raise their babies a little easier, a little safer and a lot more fun.
Our ranges now include, Organic Baby Bedding, Nursery décor, diaper bags, play furniture, kids school back packs and so much more.
Each of our products is conceptualised, designed and made by us in our own factory.
This allows us to constantly innovate, continuously check quality and consciously support our ever expanding team and the environment by staying true to remaining a 100% local & Made in India. www.BabyJalebi.com